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Empire Interactive announce the depth of the physics model in Total Immersion Racing, developed by Razorworks.

Microsoft announce that RalliSport Challenge (PC) has been released in the United States.

Microsoft announce a Rallisport Challenge competition to take place at iGames stores across the United States, between November 15th-24th, 2002.

Colin McRae Rally 3 set to roar from stage start on October 25 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox

In this article, Tom explains how he's managed to decrease the PO and increase FPS on his computer. In this article he shares how he did it.

Sierra have announced the final in the Nascar-Racing series, Nascar Racing 2003.

Thrustmaster have today announced their intention to release a new force-feedback racing wheel using the Ferrari branding.

Panasonic Racing announce details of a competition to win F1 prizes, as well as a drive in a Toyota Formula One car.

A rival for Colin Mcrae Rally? SCi has signed a game-development agreement with WRC Richard Burns.

Grand Prix 4 is the fourth incarnation in the Grand Prix Series, so how does it fare? Read Paul's review for more.

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