Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
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This is the first ever add-on pack released for a Formula One simulation. Paul takes a look at Grand Prix 3 Season 2000.

A preview of F1 Racing Championship by Ubisoft.

We take a look at F1RC from Ubisoft, based on the 1999 FIA Formula One season.

Paul takes a look at Guillemot's Ferrari Wheel - the budget version of their highly sucessful Force Feedback wheel.

Paul reviews Guillemot's Force Feedback wheel.

The best racing sim ever? Read Paul's views on Geoff Crammond's latest creation - Grand Prix 3.

An interview with James Fowler - the creator of the Grand Prix 1 Memory Enhancer - which helps Windows users get F1GP to ru..

Making a wheel controller for the PC isn't that hard as it may seem. If you have a sense for building things and appropriate tools it shouldn't be too difficult. It was my first big project and it e..

Like almost all games, F1GP has been written with some form of protection to prevent people illegally copying the game. The copy protection (also know as codes or passwords) included in F1GP was pr..

The article below appeared in the March 2000 issue of PC Gaming World.

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