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I have often considered the reason why F1GP is still popular and why people have moved on from the classic. This article contains my ideas and views.

Will 1999 be the year of GP3? Here are some ideas about what should be included in Grand Prix 3.

Although F1GP is now quite an old game, developers are still working on editors and patches for the simulation. Most areas of the game can be tweaked and changed using the various tools available - ..

This review of F1GP appeared in the December 1998 issue of Ultimate PC Magazine.

Why there isn't a track or cockpit editor for GP1.

This review of F1GP came from The Amiga Online Review Column. Although this is a review of the Amiga version everything said is the same for the PC version.

How to alter a carset (that was created in F1Ed) if the CC (Computer Controlled) cars are too fast/difficult for you to race with.

I've made a few personal observations about driving style, based partly on people's descriptions of how they drive, and partly on their setups. It seems that the fastest qualifiers tend to be in the..

These pages are not providing help to those who cannot get the game to run but to supply information on the game and how to use it. It is an extension of the manual which comes with the game.

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