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Portugese Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup mod for rFactor, based on the series which ran between 1991-1993.
04-Mar-2013 / Digital Apex Modding / 3,579 DLs / 141.6 MB / SRW+
Chevrolet Corvette C6 2012 mod for rFactor (beta version). This beta mod includes the Chevrolet C6 in four different versions, including Coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1.
10-Dec-2012 / Siim Annuk and Niels Heusinkeld / 1,858 DLs / 135.4 MB / SRW+
DDR mod for rFactor, bringing historic East German racers to the game, including the Trabant, the Zastava and the Melkus MT77.
21-Aug-2012 / Track505 / 2,821 DLs / 132.8 MB / SRW+
DRM Revival Mod for rFactor, complete with five different cars, including the popular Porsche 935, BMW 320, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, Ford Capri and BMWs M1. Each car has unique physics, tyres and a multitude of different liveries finished off with vehicle-specific sounds. Recommended download.
17-Jul-2012 / DRM Modding Team / 3,652 DLs / 510.7 MB / SRW+
V8Factor Unleashed mod for rFactor, which allows you to race in several seasons of Australia's V8 supercar series.
30-Jan-2012 / Team ORSM / 4,098 DLs / 390.6 MB / SRW+
DTM 2008-2010 mod for rFactor, which adds three seasons from the German Touring Car championship to the game. It includes all the teams and drivers, and allows you to drive cars from either Audi or Mercedes in various different setups.
23-May-2010 / Team LMT / 10,211 DLs / 276.0 MB / SRW+
FVR V8 2010 mod for rFactor, which brings the 2010 season of the Australian V8 Supercars series to rFactor. The mod included all the Ford and Holden cars and drivers from the 2010 season. Includes physics, sounds, liveries, Real-Feel compatibilty and much more.
15-Mar-2010 / FVRFactor / 3,523 DLs / 84.1 MB / SRW+
A small patch for the Grand Slam rFactor Modification 1.0 which fixes a braking issue with the mod. This is only a patch - you will need the full mod installed in order to use this file!
13-Mar-2010 / Team Players / 1,834 DLs / 72.0 KB
The Grand Slam mod for rFactor is based on the 2006 season of the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series, where the Daytona Rolex 24 Hour Race V8-powered prototypes race. The mod brings four different Daytona models and includes all of the car liveries from the 2006 season.
31-Jan-2010 / Team Players / 3,098 DLs / 175.4 MB / SRW+
An update patch for the V8 Factor rFactor Mod, including updated physics, AI, damage, updates to the included Bathurst track and much more. Important - this is only a patch, you must download the base mod!
25-Dec-2009 / Team ORSM / 2,160 DLs / 27.7 MB / SRW+
Peugeot 207 S2000 mod for rFactor, including over 30 liveries for the 2.0l 250BHP Peugeot 207 car. The mod includes two physics files suitable for different styles of racing.
23-Dec-2009 / XXX Team / 4,310 DLs / 223.8 MB / SRW+
Renault Clio Cup 2006-2008 mod for rFactor, which includes the 2006, 2007, and 2008 seasons of the Spanish version of the Clio Cup, and the 2008 season only of the French and Slovenian cups. RealFeel compatible, the mod allows you to race 2.0 litre 16V 200bhp Renault Clios.
12-Oct-2009 / Tomaz Stravs and eddy3spain / 5,084 DLs / 259.7 MB / SRW+
Toyota AE86 Club mod for rFactor, which allows you to race in a full field of Toyota Levin AE86 cars, in both fictional and real-life car liveries.
02-Oct-2009 / Gonzo-kool / 4,196 DLs / 112.8 MB / SRW+
The Pits Stock Car Championship Modification for rFactor. Includes the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow (COT), as well as new cockpits and more.
12-Aug-2009 / The Pits / 2,314 DLs / 278.0 MB / SRW+
VW Polo Challenge Mod for rFactor. This allows you to race Rally Cross versions of a VW Polo that was originally an add-on for Richard Burns' Rally.
09-Aug-2009 / SimCO Modding Team / 2,403 DLs / 172.7 MB / SRW+
Bathurst Legends 1969 Mod for rFactor. This mod allows you to relive the 1969 showdown in the two lead cars from the era, the Ford GTHO Falcon vs Holden Chevys. This version of the mod also includes 1970 skins.
06-Aug-2009 / AUS-Modders / 3,240 DLs / 105.6 MB / SRW+
A patch for the Megane Trophy Eurocup 2008 rFactor Modification. This patch includes new fantasy skins, new sounds and a new HUD. You must have the original mod installed in order to use this patch!
25-May-2009 / SimCO Modding Team / 1,625 DLs / 58.5 MB / SRW+
Touring Car Legends Patch v.1.1, updating the mod with many improvements and bug fixes. You must have the original mod installed to use this file!
26-Apr-2009 / Team TCL / 2,340 DLs / 147.0 MB / SRW+
Megane Trophy Eurocup 2008 rFactor Modification. Includes all the 2008 cars, drivers, physics, sounds and more.
10-Apr-2009 / SimCO Modding Team / 2,171 DLs / 145.3 MB / SRW+
Touring Car Legends Mod for rFactor. This mod includes touring cars from various championships, making them available to race in rFactor, including cars from the DTM and BTCC, from manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes and more. This download includes an extensive skin pack as well as a new sounds pack, it also includes a patch for the pace car.
10-Apr-2009 / Team TCL / 6,005 DLs / 953.5 MB / SRW+
A Skoda Octavia Cup modification for rFactor, which includes the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons. Features all the cars, sounds, physics, etc from the series.
27-Mar-2009 / SimRacing.cz / 2,473 DLs / 100.1 MB / SRW+
BMW 1 Series Challenge rFactor Modification. Features the 2006 and 2008 season cars, both with their own physics model.
21-Mar-2009 / SimRacing.cz / 2,420 DLs / 59.3 MB / SRW+
A patch for the DRM rFactor Mod, fixing several problems with the cars, removes optional rain tyres, as well as a sound update for the Porsche car. You must have the original mod installed in order to use this file.
08-Mar-2009 / dmatzies / 1,816 DLs / 11.8 MB
This mod converts Team 21s Porsche 935 from GT Legends to rFactor, but has been reworked to include new sounds and physics. There is also a BMW E21 and a wet version of the Essington Park track.
21-Feb-2009 / dmatzies / 2,824 DLs / 155.2 MB / SRW+
This is a patch for the Italian and European Challenge Mod for rFactor, updating it to version 1.1. You will need the original mod in order to use this file.
29-Dec-2008 / Apex Modding / 1,513 DLs / 68.2 MB / SRW+
Italian and European Challenge Mod for rFactor, featuring the Ferrari F430. Includes both the 2007 and 2008 seasons of the challenge.
23-Dec-2008 / Apex Modding / 2,378 DLs / 151.9 MB / SRW+
A BMW Z3 Cup modification for rFactor, using semi-fictional race-trim BMW Z3s. This mod is designed for fun racing.
23-Dec-2008 / Madcowie, Sim-Stox, Team BAT / 1,521 DLs / 19.4 MB / SRW+
A WTCC BMW E90 Modification for rFactor, allowing you to race all the BMW E90s that raced in the WTCC from 2006 to 2008. Includes both WTCC rules for short sprint races without pit stops as well as a league version with open rules for longer races.
20-Oct-2008 / MaNTzEl / 1,699 DLs / 55.2 MB / SRW+
A truck racing modification for rFactor, including 36 trucks, 6 marques; Mercedes, Man, Renault, Iveco, Freightliner and Mack.
20-Oct-2008 / Frank55 & Wardog / 3,223 DLs / 102.8 MB / SRW+
A Renault Super Clio modification for rFactor, including cars, physics, sounds and more.
20-Oct-2008 / BR Dev / 1,642 DLs / 46.9 MB / SRW+
V8 Supercars Modification for rFactor, based on the 2006 season. Includes all cars, AI, physics, Bathurst track and much more.
20-Oct-2008 / Team ORSM / 2,532 DLs / 162.2 MB / SRW+
Team GSMF presents the ADAC VW Lupo Cup 2003 Mod. Together with Matthias Meyer (http://www.meyer-racing.de) ex-Lupo Cup driver, the mod was developed with realistic physics, sounds and graphics.
20-Oct-2008 / German Sim Mod Foundation / 1,389 DLs / 78.3 MB / SRW+
This rFactor modification changes all the current in-game cars into convertibles!
20-Oct-2008 / Toka Jay / 1,454 DLs / 156.4 MB / SRW+
The very popular SCCA Club Racing class of Spec Racer Ford. A fun, relatively easy car to drive that is the largest class of car in SCCA. Includes skins, physics, sounds, but not AI as mod is aimed mostly at online racing.
28-May-2008 / 3,297 DLs / 13.7 MB
Volkswagen Lupo 2003 Cup Mod for rFactor. Check out our game profile for full details.
29-Dec-2006 / German Sim Mod Foundation / 9,179 DLs / 78.3 MB
Alfa 147 GT-R Cup Mod for rFactor. Check out our game profile for full details. Rapidshare link.
29-Dec-2006 / Indiana(SRG) / 3,971 DLs / 42.8 MB
V8 Supercars Mod for rFactor. Full details can be found on our game profile.
29-Dec-2006 / Team ORSM / 8,548 DLs / 138.9 MB
The add-on is based on the 2005/2006 Eurocup Megane Trophy Championship. See the readme for full details.
29-Dec-2006 / RSDG.net / 3,824 DLs / 107.1 MB / SRW+
This add-on will work with the current 1070 release from Image Space Incorporated, as well as any of the 1080 beta test exe's. This mod comes with 2 cars, 1 track (consisting of 5 layouts), as well as a new Race Series. All vehicles can be taken for a test spin, purchasing is not required. It is recommended to back up a currently working version especially if it contains beta or 3rd party add-ons as their interactions are difficult to predict.
24-Mar-2006 / ISI / 9,765 DLs / 128.1 MB
A V8 Supercars Modification for rFactor based on the 2005 season. Includes all 34 2005 Australian V8 SuperCar series liveries in a stand alone season. Includes new physics, sounds, graphics changes, talent files, WPS Hammer safety car and more. Check the readme for a full description.
26-Dec-2005 / AusORC Team / 4,335 DLs / 27.4 MB
This rFactor modification allows you to race with 32 cars from the 2005 German Porsche Carerra Cup.
24-Dec-2005 / German Sim Mod Foundation / 18,377 DLs / 86.4 MB

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