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F1 2011 is the sequal to Codemasters' successful F1 2010 released in 2010 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The 2011 version of the game includes various upgrades over its predecessor, including the safety car, KERS and DRS systems, a new pit and paddock area for the career including more options, and of course the addition of the Indian Grand Prix circuit. Furthermore, the much criticised multiplayer aspect has been overhauled to allow up to 16 human online players in new game modes.

The game also features optimised graphics to make use of the latest PC hardware.

Genre: Formula 1

Publisher: Codemasters Racing
Developer: Codemasters Racing

Platform Release Date
PC    PC
23 September 2011
Playstation 3    Playstation 3
23 September 2011
SteamOS    SteamOS
Not Released
Xbox 360    Xbox 360
23 September 2011


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Press Reviews: 8.5 (3 reviews)
User Reviews: 9.7 (702 votes)

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