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Red Bull
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Torro Rosso

Why are you charging for files?

Firstly, we are not charging for the files themselves, as all files are available and will remain to be available for free download on the site at a capped speed. The SRW+ element of the site allows users who wish to download files at an unlimited speed* the opportunity to do so. It is not financially viable to host large files with unlimited speed downloads due to huge bandwidth costs.

How does this help the community?

Many modifications and files are available for popular racing games. However, within a short period of time the availability of these files evaporates due to the fact that websites cannot financially support the huge bandwidth resources downloading these files uses. Many of the popular modifications of the past are now simply no longer available to download and enjoy. Even when they are available, racing fans often have to jump through many steps on sites such as Rapidshare to eventually get access to the file if they are lucky. We wanted to create a way where we could offer high quality files to users which would not disappear after a short while. In the past we've linked to mirror sites, yet time after time it has been proven that this is highly unreliable and not a way to offer good quality service that sim-racers deserve. So, we have created SRW+, which offers ALL the files on the site for FREE at a capped speed, as well as allowing registered users to download files at unlimited speeds. This is no different to many other file sites such as FilePlanet and GameSpot. We firmly believe that through this service we can offer a long term home to many high quality files and modifications that otherwise would simply disappear. This clearly benefits the sim-racing community in a massive way.

Will all files have a capped download speed

Not ALL files will be "SRW+ Files"; the majority of smaller downloads will still be available at unlimited speeds for all users. Only some of the larger files such as modifications will be speed capped for normal users.

Is it expensive?

We believe that our pricing structure is very fair and helps us to cover the cost of our bandwidth.

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