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Collateral Collision - Sim Racing Film Released!
Community News | Live for Speed S2 | By Paul on 26 August 2009 00:00

SRW visitor Martin Bigg got in touch with us to share something special he has been working on; Collateral Collision, a unique machinima car film that he produced in Live for Speed S2. It took a year to produce but now it has finally been released.

The long awaited Collateral Collision is finally here, which marks our first ever venture into LFS movie making.

Pushing the boundaries of the racing simulation Live For Speed, Collateral Collision is the result of a huge collaborative effort from the Live For Speed community, along with my dedicated passion for movie car chases. Our aim was simple - to deliver the most authentic representation of a movie car chase that was physically possible within the realms of a machinima film.

As a result, Collateral Collision was a hugely ambitious project, with incredibly long filming times and editing sessions. Not a second that you see has been overlooked and every sound you hear has been meticiously dubbed from other sources. To say the least, a tremendous amount of effort has been put into this project, in terms of both the filming and the editing.

To put it simply, we feel that Collateral Collision is the most definitive and comprehensive machinima car chase experience, which aims to mimic the likes of car chase staples such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullitt and Ronin.

As a lone driver sets off, little does he know that another malicious driver is about to give pursuit, with dire consequences that result in a grueling chase sequence of life and death. Think of it as Duel meets Grindhouse: Death Proof.
Whilst we have posted both parts of it on our own videos pages you can view larger versions from the following links:

Part One
Part Two

Take a look! Don't forget you can post some comments below, or on our forums. You can also follow us on Twitter!


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