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F1 2011: Safety Car In-Game Footage
Game News | F1 2011 | By on 14 September 2011 19:15

The first footage of the safety car in gameplay for F1 2011 has surfaced online today - you can see a short video here.


Dave, This is great. I'm humbled to admit, tuoghh, that I didn't even notice anything different about your sales letter for the flip cameras. I was just mesmerized by you (LOL) and your offer. I love the way you show us how to do everything so we can immediately apply what you've taught. Thanks againTerrie – Rakesh 14-Dec-2015
Pure Genius Dave !I was meaning to ask you this in your last padsoct.Very effective stuff . Impressive Dave, are you running Sony Vegas on your Mac ?I just tried it yesterday on my 21.5 inch Imac underVM Ware .. Easier to run Vegas on a Mac thenunder my clunky HP computers You're my hero Dave Time for a Live Seminar sowe can all come out and meet youand thank you in person. – Jussie 13-Dec-2015
Hey PhyllisAwesome comment thakns so much. To answer your question YES that is mental chatter that I still go through. I think we all want to hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and sometimes question if what we make is valuable enough .I basically got through that by releasing stuff as quickly as possible. I did my best job possible, maybe got a couple of people to go through it for my sanity and if they liked it out it went.Plenty of times I left information out, made mistakes, etc but my audience reported those things and I corrected the errors. I take it VERY seriously when someone provides feedback to help improve my stuff and when I get the feedback, I implement those fixes ASAP.The other thing I would say is get comfortable being uncomfortable with those things. If you are a bit nervous to release your products because of this mental chatter it means you are taking the kind of action that is going to progress you towards your goals. Sounds like you have a great system. Keep working it. Keep looking for ways to improve it and most importantly, keep releasing those products so you can bring in cash flow to grow and improve. – Riski 07-Jul-2015
I want to say Thank You because evtnheyirg you share for us.. very helpful for me in worship services.. I hope can see more motion background on your website.. Thanks again and may God bless you.. – Pristi 05-Jul-2015
bonsoir,pouvez vous me dire si mon nume9ro de che2ssis est bien celui d'une Vespa Super 150 de 1966VBCIT13332(01)et ou trouver le nume9ro de che2ssis.merci de me tenir au coanrutbien e0 vousPascal de Belgique – Chase 03-Jul-2015
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