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rFactor 2: Wet Weather & AC Cobra Screenshots
Screenshots | rFactor 2 | By Paul on 2 April 2013 00:00

ISI have released two new rFactor 2 previews, showing the Marussia MR-01 car in wet weather, and also the first preview of the AC Cobra 427 which will appear in the simulation.

You can see both previews here.

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On the foreclosure pirctue with the Futo, the liscnece plate also have different characters meaning that every cars liscnece plate shouldn't say the same thing like in GTA IV. In GTA IV every liscense plate says LIBERTY CITY that would add an awesome touch of realsim. Also the foreclosure thing may be Rockstar's way of hinting that we can buy our own houses of our choice (just like in San Andreas and Vice City). That will be awesome The Futo itself doesn't look that different but looks a little sharper, i wish they would bring reflections into the side mirrors – Zahid 18-Jun-2013
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