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Project CARS: Build 562 Released & 158 Screens
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 16 September 2013 00:00

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 562 of Project CARS, making various changes and improvements to the ongoing development of the sim. A full list of changes is below, and if you have the alpha version you'll need to update via Steam.

We've also added 158 new screenshots for the title, and to see these and for more information on this game, make sure you visit our Project CARS game profile.

Build 562 (13/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU another particle rendering fix (smoke and racing line now are correct)
* WiiU support for Occlusion Queries.
* WiiU particle bug-fixing (colours and missing prims)
* WiiU fix for flickering instances (needed double buffering)
* GT3 Slick: Fixed excessive wear on the soft and hard compounds. Still not truly calibrated for realistic wear rate
* Re-worked tires pressures and buildup on the Caterham and Ariel tires to better match the listed pressures used
* Azure Circuit: Fixed spec and added alpha channel, added nmp, add missing emm for streetlamps
* Dubai: Added latest assets, fixed wrong green blend edge along the kerbs, added pitentry chevrons, tweaked road/asphalt textures
* Azure Coast: Add new buildings with emm maps, merge JanP assets, merge TomT assets, clean layers, fix position for some buildings, add emm map for street lights (+- 30% done), fix pivot position, fix lod distance
* Formula C: WIP on making the LODX
* BMW M3 GT: Setup changes to suit the latest tires

Build 561 (12/9/13, Team Member+)
* Tires: FlexiCarcass development, FC development, FFB tightening options, Monza kinda-thermal experiment on HUD tire widget (for FC)
* GT3 and Group A slick tires: Updates based on CPFT feedback
* WiiU full implementation of Depth of Field. Fixed bonnect cam capture
* Adding variable height capability to list items and lists
* Fixing sub list creation and filling out data
* Eifelwald: Added GP variations. Sprint, Sprint Short, Mullenbach
* Azure Coast: Add missing emm and spec map for buildings
* BMW Z4 GT3: Tweaks to default setup and an experiment with the tire scrub override sound parameter
* Caterham R500 and Classic: Fixed track bar being above the axle centerline (and hence rear roll center). This fixes most of the up on 2 wheels experienced. re-adjusted setup accordingly (this added understeer). Raised default tire pressures and adjusted the optimum pressure shapes. Some drop in flash tire temp on the R500

Build 560 (11/9/13, Team Member+)
* BHashTable: Added tHashPtr and tPtrKey types for use with pointer keys and hashes to allow for different sizes between platforms
* Updated RenderBridge and VehicleFactory to use new hash types
* Updated the Session Mask in the Race Rules to match the newly adjusted Session enum
* WiiU full implementation of Motion-blur / Post processing filters
* WiiU: w-i-p updates for ProController input sets and WiiU device registration
* Misc: Added IsMPMode test before sending disqualify event
* WiiU: Fixed warning
* WiiU: Added basic pro controller support
* WiiU fix for DashBoardGUIHandler not being excluded from project (itís in the unity file)
* WiiU add MotionBlurUsingLinearDepthFlags technique which allows the continued use of a compressed HDR format that lacks an alpha channel for the LinearDepthFlags to Alpha method
* Azure Circuit: New textures
* Dubai: New Dynamic Safety Pillows, new foliage instances added, datepalms and desert grass
* Azure Coast: Add emm for more buildings, add missing nmp map
* Eifelwald: Added Eifelwald Stage 1, 2 and 3
* Eifelwald: Stages basic AIW changed

Build 559 (10/9/13, Team Member+)
* WiiU fix SSAO context state bug when SSAO is turned off
* WiiU full implementation of SSAO Control.
* Snap and align feature
* WiiU fixed SSAO const global parameters (they get stripped because they are constant and canít then be set by the runtime!)
* FFB: Added a touch of smoothing to RackScale and Mz to prevent spikes and low speed vibrations
* Anhalt: Dynamic Physics
* Anhalt: XLC file
* Dubai: New textures
* Azure Coast: Add emm for more buildings, add missing nmp map anf baked small ao map for some buidling around the track

Build 558 (9/9/13, Team Member+)
Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
* Implemented admin call: kick session member
* All new Pagani Huayra incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Update includes extra layers of hard-offloaded exhaust crackles a and unique pully whine. Includes the lastest distant rolloffs and trajectory. Please Note: The int/ext backfires and gearshifts require bespoke sounds. Iíll add these over the next couple of days. Please take the time to listen to the lower RPM details Ė especially from trackside Ė short shifting and crusing around slowly is a lot of fun THEN hit the gas and hang on!
* Azure Coast: Add emm texture for riv_carlhotel
* Connecticut Hill: Add textures for timer tower and sunoco sign
* Volusia Circuit: In field perimeter fencing, merged latest, terrain fixes near lake, cut terrain near garages, fixed popping assets, In field perimeter fencing, merged latest, terrain fixes near lake, cut terrain near garages
* BMW M3 E30 GroupA: Reuploading after a connection problem


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