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WRC 4: New Videos & Screenshots
Screenshots | WRC 4 | By Paul on 16 September 2013 21:54

We have posted several videos and screenshots for the upcoming WRC 4 title.

You can see all of these, and much more information about the game on our WRC 4 game profile.

Don't forget you can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


yo people !!i see you done a very great job wloaly and i always wanted to ask you... how can you create a game like this with C++as i know C++ is a Script designing program ,programing languages only and not a game maker ... right now i am not working in a project but i will be later and i still dont know a lot about game designing ,,, so a little help from a great designer like you would realy pay out later,.. like telling me how you started and things like that... what should i learn/Read before i start working in a project... what device and programs i need and what programs i may realy need (photoshop cs4/3d max/C++...etc)my first project is a 2d side scrolling fighting game and i want to make it simple because it is my first and my secend is a 3D fighting game and i hope you check it out when i start working in it :Dwill as long as i see you too started from creating the charecters before you made them move *baby steps* so how did you started?and like always i am always amazed in your works and keep going ... thanx for reading .. see you later ^_^ – Steve 22-Nov-2015
Cashman January 8, 2013 16:00Maybe if I make this move, everyone will foregt I fucked an ugly crazy bitch, ruined my family's lives and aborted some babies.No? Jesus, what's it going to take for you people? 3 4 – Louinise 14-Nov-2015
Hi,I met you last year in the Grande perade. If you go to yotbuue & type photoshop tips , you will get many clips & one is about transforming a photo of a girl into a Playboy model. – Ali 13-Nov-2015
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