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Project CARS: Build 593 Added
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 28 October 2013 20:26

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 593 of Project CARS, which makes various improvements to the game.

You can see the full list of improvements below, and this update will be applied automatically once you launch the game via Steam.

We've added a huge number of new community screenshots and videos for this game too, which you can check out on our Project CARS game profile page.

Build 593 (25/10/13, Team Member+)
* Fix for array destruction
* Upped pool size for bcolour to match new data
* Code to allow us to be able to control the adaption rate
* Actual camera cycling working ingame in the Monitor screen (works on full screen target when monitor is up, reverts to initial camera angle when monitor is closed – still need viewport)
* Fix for text entry dialogs not setting text when CONFIRM is pressed
* Implemented password protection of lobbies. Fixed few issues in Steam join protocol
* Fix for key lighitng not being setup for the moon at night
* Clear 5 daytime tweaks to make it look more punchy, including new colour cube amd sky tweaks
* Medium cloud 4 condition added, it’s a less saturated sky version of med cloud 03
* Clear 3 wtc is now a new version of clear 4 (vibrant blue sky and contrast look) but with less cyan hues in teh sky. Also added medium cloud 3 which is the same as the new clear3 but with cumulus cloud cover. Tweaked the cloud normal map so it has a bit more detail in the green channel for more realistic cloud shape in light and shade
Texture Maps:
* Desertgrass texturemaps
* Dubai: Swap of foliage palms and desertgrass, WIP. Big floolights added
* Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures – black + silver lip
* Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures – black + turquoise lip
* Ford GT40, Lotus 49 (defualt tires on both): Increased grass grip
* BMW Z4 GT3: removed door collision meshes to prevent doors opening
* Mercedes SLS GT3: UV mapping glass/paint finished, prepared for new export, new collision meshes, placeholder display, various fixes
* Gumpert Apollo: Collision mesh update to remove doors from detaching
* Gumpert Apollo: Cockpit animation files update for mirror vibrations
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Placeholder liveries added, RCF files set up
* Ford Mustang Boss 302R: ride height & bump stops, side aero, general tweaking


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