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Welcome to the new SimRacingWorld
SRW Site News | By John on 28 April 2003 11:17

Well, as you've probably noticed if you are a regular visitor to the site - we have new design. Not only that but we have made some fundamental changes to the way the content is organised.

Everything is arranged around our Games section. On each game page there are links to our related articles, files and news. All game related pages have a navigation bar with information and links to other stuff for this game. For those articles not related directly to a game we have 3 special categories Articles, Hardware and About.

We have completely got rid of our separate game sites (grandprix1.com, f1-grandprix3.net, f1grandprix4.com etc.) and all the content has been moved to the relavent game profile. There are quick links to these games in the header of each page.

We hope you like the new site - I certainly do (but then I designed it :) ). There are still a few things left for me to do and there is stuff that needs changing or adding. Please post any comments or problems in our forums on this thread. And there will be a new forum design (to match this one) in a few days.


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