Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
NetKar Pro 1.3 final RSR Lamborghini Gallardo drifting.wmv (04:43)
NetKar Pro 1.3 final RSR Research & Development Team & Beta Tester present: RSR Lamborghini Gallardo drifting http://www.radiators-champ.com/
NetKar pro 1.1 vc RSR mugello HD view.wmv (05:21)
NetKar pro 1.1 RadiatorSpringsRacing Present Mugello HD http://www.radiators-champ.com/
NetKarPro 1.1 vc Radiator spring present: Mugello Gp beta v.08.1 http://www.radiators-champ.com/ (08:51)
NetKarPro 1.1 vc Radiator spring present: Mugello Gp beta v.08.1 http://www.radiators-champ.com/
NetKar Pro 500 Abarth at Mugello Circuito onboard (02:47)
Un ringranziamento particolare a tutto il team di sviluppo del Team Radiator Spring Racing composto da: - Mauro Delega' - Giovanni Culmone - Mario Gilles - Andrea Lojelo - Riccardo De Rosa - Giancarlo Graziano
netKar PRO - Mugello WIP 06 23 dic (02:21)
Piccolo confronto per facilitare lo strepitoso lavoro del Team Radiator Spring Racing nella creazione del circuito del Mugello. per info :
NetKarPro1.1Beta2/3_RadiatorSpringsRacing_Dicember_Mugello Beta Test (02:45)
NetKarPro1.1Beta2/3_RadiatorSpringsRacing_Mugello Beta Test
Brawn GP Simulator (04:54)
Driving on the Brawn GP Sim. in São Paulo, Brazil. The game is the well know netKar Pro with the Brawn GP mod. Very difficult to drive and the forcefeedback is something more than very strong. Those who drove it in Europe and Singapore knows wha
A surprise track converted by Lastplace Racing (02:33)
netkar pro 103 laguna update (01:40)
update of the previous video ;)
netkar pro 1.03 oval-beta deel 2 (03:52)
netkar pro 1.03 oval-beta track is released
Netkar Pro 1.03 Laguna Seca Beta (01:36)
an almost finished version
NetKar Pro - Promo trailer (00:35)
NetKar Pro 1st promo trailer. I love this sim !!!
Spa Lap in netKar Pro F1 car (02:10)
A lap of Spa in the 2008 F1 car for nKPro 1.42.47 Scrappy lap, missed a load of apexes ;)
Netkar Pro - a Lap at Crema (02:19)
Netkar Pro - a Lap at Crema, nice physics and nice force feedback, testing the demo.
Toro Rosso Skin for Netkar Pro (02:30)
A movie of the Toro Rosso skin which I have created for the F2000 chassis in Netkar Pro. Movie contains moving footage and still pictures of the livery.
NetKar Pro - a Testdrive (04:31)
Two laps on Aviano GP in the Racing Simulator NetKar Pro
Netkar Pro v 1.02 online test take 2 (02:23)
Netkar Pro v 1.02 online test take 2
netKar Pro Practice (06:57)
A few quick laps with netKar Pro
Netkar Pro - Testing the F2000 (03:46)
Here is me testing the F2000 in Netkar Pro.
TrackIR 4: Pro at Monaco in Netkar Pro (04:44)
A video showing the TrackIR 4:Pro device at Monaco in the simulation Netkar Pro
Netkar Pro & rFactor Crash Compilation (09:16)
A crash comp. with Netkar Pro and rFactor. Some deadly crashes ;). One of the longest videos I made. With special music. If you want other music let me know. I like it myself. Music: Praxis ft. Serj Tankian - Sulfur and Cheese Wyclef Jean ft. Serj Tankian
Autohotkey on netKar Pro (00:19)
Autohotkey demostration on netKar PRO
Aviano Beginners Guide for Netkar Pro (03:15)
A beginners guide to the Aviano track in Netkar Pro. This movie contains line and gear suggestions, as well as captions giving tips for people new to Netkar pro.
Netkar Pro Quickstart guide with the Formula 2000 (04:52)
This guide is aimed at people who are totally new to Netkar Pro. This movie contains on screen instruction on how to navigate the basic pit controls, start the car, and the out lap and in lap procedure. This is for the Formula 2000 chassis
TrackIR in Netkar Pro Demonstration (05:54)
A few laps of Aviano in the F2000 using a TrackIR4: Pro, and Track Clip in the simulation Netkar Pro.
netkar pro 1.0.3 (03:09)
video preview
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