Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso




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to me, every car looks the same. two questions for you, chdedar:- how is anyone supposed to earn $100,000 to buy a car???- when, if ever, would you have to go 220 MPH or faster?please answer as soon as possible. i'm holding my breath. – Alisson 29-Oct-2015
In qualifying DRS can be used awhnyere, in the race only in defined places and only when close to another car. The choice of 7th gear is important is it optimised for qualifying or the race?As shown in Spa, Red Bull are running extreme negative camber on the front wheels, this together with lower tyre pressures in qualifying has helped give them a one lap advantage, which is lost as soon as the higher race day pressures are run (needed to make the tyres last).Also, Red Bull still have a compromised KERS, so maybe they are only using it for Q3 (when Vettel pulls out an previously unseen advantage) and for short periods of the race (opening two laps, and around pitstops). +4 – Mark 29-Oct-2015
I'm not sure I would characterize it that way. I think Vettel has done a good job durnig the races as well but Red Bull have a faster car for quali and for race, tactics come into play and traffic etc. -30Was this answer helpful? – Katy 27-Oct-2015
his shock Malaysian Grand Prix victory ceganhs nothing and that Ferrari still faces a huge amount of work to be fully competitive in normal circumstances.Alonso came through from eighth on the grid to beat Sauber's Sergio Perez to victory in the rain-affected Sepang race.While delighted with the result, Alonso underlined that it did not mean Ferrari had conquered its problems. A big surprise today, he said. I think we were not competitive in Australia and not competitive here, and the goal was to score as many points as possible, and today it was 25 so an unbelievable result. A great result for the team – good result in Q3, and today keeping calm in extreme conditions. Congratulations to team, who deserve this victory. This is a tough time at the moment, but for sure we will remember this Sunday. Asked if the win would give Ferrari fresh motivation for its fightback, Alonso replied: It ceganhs nothing, to be honest. We are in a position that we don't want to be: fighting to get into Q3 and fighting to score some points. We want to fight for poles and victories so definitely in these first two races we found ourselves off the pace. The aim was to not lose too many points, and we didn't lose any points. This is positive news about these first two races, but coming to China, Bahrain and Barcelona there is a lot of stuff coming, the team is putting in a lot of effort. We trust each other and this win will make us very happy in the next two days in the factory but does not change determination to keep on winning. Perez closed rapidly on Alonso in the dry closing laps, and looked set to pass the Ferrari until making a small error. Alonso admitted that Ferrari was still too slow in normal circumstances. On consistency we were comfortable but we were not quick enough, he said. We were lucky enough to maintain the position. – Tedin 27-Oct-2015
the accident in which he crahesd into Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg in the Korean Grand Prix was his fault.The Sauber driver, who had finished on the podium in the previous race in Japan, got a drive-through penalty after crashing into both men at the end of the main straight on the opening lap.Both Button and Rosberg were forced to retire as a result.The Japanese driver, who had to retire after 17 laps because of the damage to his car, said he was very sorry. This is a race to forget, said Kobayashi. Initially I had a good start but then we were four cars side by side approaching Turn 3. I had Nico to the right and Jenson and Sergio on my left hand side. Someone hit my rear tyre and then it was impossible to control the car, but I had to brake at some point. I didn't manage to avoid the accident, and I feel very sorry for ruining someone else's race, and certainly this was not my intention. It was just a very difficult moment and I had nowhere to go but I think it was my mistake. Team-mate Sergio Perez finished the race in 11th position after a problem with his pitstop made him lose valuable time.The Mexican pushed Lewis Hamilton hard over the final lap, but he was unable to pass the Briton and was left with no points. It is a big shame that we didn't score points today, he said. My first stint was really good, despite a little understeer which came from the incident after the start when I damaged the front of the car. But our plan was good and the strategy seemed to work out. Then unfortunately we had a problem at the pitstop and could not recover from it. This was when we lost the race because I dropped behind a group of cars. Nevertheless towards the end it again looked like there was a chance of scoring a point. My car was quick, I overtook Paul [di Resta] and Lewis [Hamilton] had a problem. But in the end I just didn't manage to catch him. Today, I think sixth would have been what we could have done in perfect circumstances. Source: Autosport.com – Devona 27-Oct-2015
he was thrilled and reveleid to qualify sixth for the Singapore Grand Prix after fearing he had lost his Friday pace during final practice.Force India had been quick throughout the Singapore weekend but di Resta was extremely unhappy with the car's handling on Saturday afternoon. Alarm bells were ringing a little this morning in FP3 because we had quite a good car yesterday, but then struggled quite badly in that session, said di Resta. In all three runs I was the best part of a second off Nico [Hulkenberg], so it was clear something wasn't right, and we hadn't changed things much. So we went back to a baseline for qualifying and that dramatically improved things and put us a step in front again. Yesterday we were close, and in qualifying we were able to regain our confidence, work away and improve each time we were on track. I saved the best lap to the end, which was good, and I always found little bits as the track improved. Di Resta thinks he will be able to hold position in the race, despite the row-five starting Mercedes choosing not to run in Q3 to get a tyre strategy advantage for Sunday. We have been stronger than the Mercedes this weekend in general, said di Resta. Whether that will carry on is another thing, but they chose not to run [in Q3]. I think we have a good enough car to be able to stay in front of them. The Force India drivers had been well-matched on Friday but Hulkenberg only qualified 12th leaving him unhappy with the team's strategy. The first run in Q2 was pretty compromised, said Hulkenberg. We went out a bit late and then all the guys who were already on hot-laps, I had to let past, so the tyre temperatures and pressures dropped enormously. Starting the lap, I couldn't really get a feel for the car or where the grip level was, which then affected the start of the second lap. You don't have a reference, you don't know where the grip's going to be. So the first sector was not good enough, and the rest of the lap was not good enough either. It's a shame because we had a Q3 car today, for sure, and that's why I'm not happy at all. – Dsfdfds 27-Oct-2015
I like to party, not look arlectis up online. You made it happen. – Dandi 26-Oct-2015
I came, I read this article, I coeunerqd. – Namnae 26-Oct-2015
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